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Carlo Giordano 4/4 Size Electric Cello Outfit EV301 White


Carlo Giordano electric cellos are made with the essential shape of an acoustic cello and are super light weight under 2 kg, which provides silent and versatile sound, also much lighter and comfortable playability for beginner cellist looking at attempting the cello instrument. 


The Carlo Giordano electric cellos can be played acoustically, which will project a much quieter sound than the traditional acoustic cello. When amplified through a speaker, it offers a few adjustment options with the preamp feature. Record your electric cello via a direct line to the PC or laptop for a clearer tone. 


Comes in 3 colour options 


  • 4/4 Size
  • White Colour
  • Piezo Pickup with Active EQ Preamp
  • Ebony Pegs
  • Painted hardwood fingerboard
  • 4-Adjuster Metal Tailpiece
  • Includes: lightweight carrybag, wooden bow, & headphones