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Musical Instruments - Woodwind

  • Angel Fife 2 Piece 14" with Bag by

    Angel Fife 2 Piece 14" with Bag

    This inexpensive Fife produces a good tone and is a great starting point for learning the beginnings of good flute technique. Yamaha fifes also ava...

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  • Angel Tenor Recorder

    Angel Tenor Recorder

    This three-piece tenor recorder is made of ABS resin plastic. The mouthpiece, tone holes and boring are designed for maximum playing ease. The sing...

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  • Angel Brown Descant Recorder with Bag and Rod

    Angel Brown Descant Recorder

    A durable plastic recorder with bag and a cleaning rod. Dark brown with white mouthpiece. 3 piece construction for easy cleaning. Made in Korea.

  • Angel Sopranino Key of F

    Angel Sopranino Key of F

    Angel 3 piece ABS resin. Dark brown with white mouthpiece and joints. Brown non-toxic synthetic leather bag with fingering charts, joint cream and ...

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