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Musical Instruments

  • ORION OVC60 Cello Student Outfit

    ORION OVC60 Cello Student Outfit

    The ORION OVC60 is the entry level cello in the ORION brand. An affordable SOLID top instrument that will allow all beginning students the opportun...

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  • ORION OVC300 Cello Outfit

    ORION OVC300 Cello Outfit

    The ORION OVC300 features an outstanding projection of its warm tone. Great playability for the advanced and experienced cellists. Each ORION instr...

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  • ORION OVC200 Cello Outfit

    ORION OVC200 Cello Outfit

    The ORION OVC200 features an outstanding tone and appearance. Great playability for the progressing player to advanced and experienced cellists. Ea...

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  • ORION OVC100 Cello Outfit

    ORION OVC100 Cello Outfit

    The ORION OVC100 offers solid, rich quality tone and projection of sound. An intermediate level instrument to suit the progressing cellist. Each OR...

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  • ORION OVC80 Cello Outfit

    ORION OVC80 Cello Outfit

    The ORION OVC80 is the step-up model in the ORION brand. An affordable SOLID top instrument that will allow all beginning and progressing students ...

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  • Batista VC305 Cello

    Batista VC305 Cello

    Batista VC305 is entirely hand-crafted from solid tonewoods. Select spruce top and highly flamed maple back, ribs, and scroll. It has a strong, cle...

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  • Batista VC200 Cello

    Batista VC200 Cello

    This Batista Cello is entirely hand-crafted of well seasoned, select tonewoods. The finish has an attractive and durable hand-applied amber satin v...

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  • Batista VC100 Cello

    Batista VC100 Cello

    An entirely hand-carved cello from solid tonewoods, with hand-inlaid purfling.The richness of tone is a marked improvement of others in this price ...

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  • Batista VC90 Cello

    Batista VC90 Cello

    The best brand student cello which is strong, has a good sound and is ideal for a child or adult beginner. The richness of tone is hard to beat for...

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