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🎵 Shop Now Pay Later | FREE shipping* above $120 🎵 - learn more

Cherub Digital 3-in-1 Metro-Tuner


A portable 3-in-1 device for effective instrument tuning, by displaying the pitches on the LCD screen or by tone generation with adjustable volume, as well as for keeping the right practice tempi. This Metronome-tuner features a large, clear LCD display.  

The Cherub Chromatic 3-in-1 Metronome & Tuner comes in handy when you need to tune your musical instruments. There are several tuning modes : Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele and the C key, F key, Bb key and Eb key functions for tuning all Wind instruments and other musical instruments. Tuning range: A0(27.5Hz) to C8(4186Hz).

The tuner picks up sounds through the mic input, as well as through the line-in input jack.

Alternatively, you could use the Tone Generator function.

The metronome produces the taps in various note values, and allows volume adjustment. In addition, you could enter a Tap Tempo manually.