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We offer several instrument categories in the strings family - 

  • violins
  • violas
  • celli
  • double basses
  • electric violins/celli


Our range consists of known brands -


Founded by a professional luthier in the early 2010, Batista quickly became one of the best and recognised violin and cello brand in Western Australia. Pairing the high caliber workmanship from the luthier, teachers and students today highly appraise the Batista brand.

The Batista VL80 & VC80 are one of the most popular entry-level model violin and cello as they are hand set-up by the luthier himself. For this reason, every Batista is consistent and well made. 

The Batista luthier is arguably one of the best in his field in Australia. We have worked with him for over 6 years and has seen his unmatched knowledge and skills, and extreme accurate measurements.








Led his workshop to winning the overall category award in the European International Violin Making Competition in 2015, Ma Qiang continues to make master level violins, celli, and viola da gambas today. He is also the supervisor on all the ORION string instruments.


Established in 2014, ORION is a registered Australian company which aims to provide reliable and professional level instruments for all musicians. Having started with a focus on string instruments, ORION has branched out to encompass a wide range of instruments, including guitars and woodwinds. ORION's founders are skilled musicians playing the piano, violin, viola, cello, and classical guitar. This allows for the finest production of instruments based on a vast amount of knowledge, as seen by the many appraisals by teachers as well as the approval of the ORION violins and guitars as part of the SIMS program. 

The ORION string instruments are made in an award winning workshop in Beijing, and set up by one of the best luthiers in Australia, along with a team of apprentice. The OVL60 has proven to be the best entry level violin in the West of Australia, having a reasonable price and an unmatched tonal quality for any beginner violinist. ORION is also the only brand in Western Australia with a trade-up system, suitable for growing learners to purchase a larger sized string instrument at a reasonable cost.



The Klier brand has been making instruments for 128 years, beginning with Schönbach violin maker Johann Klier in 1887 who had set up his workshop in Egerland. He created violins for clients in Vienna and as far as Russia. Following Johann Kliers death in 1918 his eldest son Otto Josef Klier took over from the workshop and became renowned for the varnish of his violins, the same varnishes are still used today!

Before the great depression up to 50,000 violins were made each year! Once the great depression hit they broadened their line to include guitars. In 1948 the Klier family fled Egerland abandoning the workshop they had spent years developing and created their new home in Bubenreuth, Germany. Otto Josef died in 1961 and his widow Rosa became the head of the company. 

The Otto Jos Klier instruments are skilfully hand-crafted in Germany today using European maple and spruce tone woods and professionally setup by the Luthiers in a Sydney based workshop to ensure good playability and quality of sound. 



Established by Violins Australia, the company developed their violins with Nanjing Pty Ltd, an experienced strings maker workshop in China that have been providing a range of high-quality instruments for many years. VA developed their range wanting to have models with contrasting sound profiles and variance. One of the ranges the team at Nanjing produced is the Schroeder model, named after the German-American Cellist Alwin Schroeder. The models are bright and clear sounding with golden varnishes to emphasize the brilliance of the sound. These instruments are beautifully hand crafted in China and professionally set up by the luthiers in their workshop in the Eastern states.



Stentor is the leading manufacturer of beginner student stringed orchestral instruments worldwide. Stentor violins, violas, cellos and basses are recommended by teachers and music services everywhere. Stentor instruments are available from music shops in the UK and through our network of distributors in over 30 countries.

Stentor is the UK's leading independent distributor of musical instruments, developing and representing some of the best quality musical brands. They supply the music retail trade, providing hundreds of music shop in the UK and Ireland with a wide range of quality instruments, parts and accessories.

Stentor's motivation is that they strongly believe that each child should have an opportunity to play a musical instrument and that music should be a part of everyone's development throughout their life. All students should have access to musical instruments that are easily playable and responsive in sound.

The instruments must be available at a reasonable cost so that all those who wish to learn to play are able to do so. They have worked over many years with teachers and educationalists to achieve these goals.


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