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We often receive delightful feedbacks from our shoppers on their experience when choosing their ukulele. It may be their first, second, or 6th ukulele and we are glad that we can offer these beautiful brands of ukes to everyone.

Our range include brands:






Founded 2008 in Petaluma, California. KALA is one of the worlds leading ukulele brand. Here at Crescendo, we know KALA for their high quality and high consistency in every model that we unpack, play, and sell. KALA has released over 50 different ukulele models over the years and have explored using a huge variety of timbers; from maple to koa, exotic mahogany, ziricote, mangowood, bamboo, and many others. 

The 'KA-C' and 'KA-T' models are some of the most popular models sold worldwide. Always the go-to for all ukulele players, no matter the age.



Flight offers a wide range of ukuleles with very different aesthetic and wood types. Their ukuleles cover every price range, and anyone can pick up a Flight! On team #FlightCrew, we have strummers, fingerpickers, and singers playing on the Flight ukes. 

Flight Ukulele is celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2021 and we are lucky to be the only store in Australia to hold all four of their beautiful 10th anniversary models. Some of Flight's incredible ukuleles can be found with the Soundwave technology and it is a mind blowing experience.



The Kealoha ukuleles are affordable and provide great tonal qualities. They offer several unique models with special cuts and soundhole position, not commonly found in a ukulele. Kealoha's tonewood models, especially the JUK100CE, is one of the best sounding ukulele for under $400 (in Damon's opinion).



The #1 best selling ukulele brand in the world, Mahalo, was founded in 1999. The Mahalo range mainly covers beginner-intermediate level players, and they are extremely well made ukuleles for their price.

Starting from $29.95*, you get a nicely finished ukulele, with a precise and CORRECT set-up, AND a bag? Mahalo! (pun intended)

As musicians ourselves, we know and we recommend beginners to look for comfort and playability when choosing their first instrument. With the Mahalo instruments, no matter the price, you are guaranteed to enjoy your ukulele.



The Makala® by KALA offers some incredible entry-level ukuleles. Sound and playability are usually sacrificed at lower prices, but not with the Makala. Looking for some fun and colourful ukes? Browse the 'Dolphin' or 'Shark' range. How about one with a fantastic sound and vintage look? The Makala Classic line won’t break the bank. Available in all sizes for all players!



Founded by Louis Wu from Longbeach, California in 2006. Louis leads the Ohana brand with a simple philosophy, "Quality, Playability, Value". These are the 3 words that we at Crescendo Music would use to describe the brand too. Since 2015 when we first took dealership of this brand, Ohana has always been true to their words. 

This brand is one that proves that you do not need fancy or rare tone woods to make an instrument sound good. Ohana's best selling CK-10 and CK-20 are simply made from laminate and solid mahogany, yet they are some of the best sounding ukuleles in the $100-200 price range. 

One of our favourites is the Cynthia Lin CK-35 model. All solid body in beautiful gloss finish and detailing. Very clear and sweet sounding with very accurate intonations. Worthy of the title 'Cynthia Lin' series.



The 1880 brand has been with us for over 6 years and we continue to offer these ukuleles. Their range is simple, consisting of only 3 models. Yet all are beautifully made, affordable, and great sounding.

3 models available - 100 SERIES is a full laminate body with inlaid rosette. The 200 SERIES is one of our best selling beginner ukulele. It consists of a solid spruce top with beautiful inlaid rosette and purfling on the edge. The 300 SERIES has a gloss solid koa top. All are well made, consistent, and strums a beautiful tone.

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