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School Instrument • Accessories

Buying an instrument for your school's music program : 

Public Schools SIMS / IMSS or Non-Government Schools or Universities

Welcome to Crescendo Music, where the harmonious sounds of musical instruments come alive! With 47 years of experience, we take pride in being a trusted destination for school teachers and educators seeking exceptional musical instruments.
Our dedication to excellent quality service ensures that you can rely on us to find the perfect instruments for your classroom. Whether you're searching for beginner instruments or professional-grade models, our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you every step of the way.


Crescendo Music offers an instrument hire program, suited for schools, teachers, and students. The instruments are available in brand new or pre-hired condition, and we always ensure that they are in the best possible playing condition. Instruments hired from us may also be eligible for free servicing, where we can travel to your school twice a year to repair / service instruments - free of charge.

The instruments available for hire may be an entry level instrument, or even professional level instruments. We welcome all musicians at all levels. 

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Crescendo Music supports the Back to School season, to assist teachers and parents with quality purchasing, from affordable to advanced musician's gear. We always find that schools need certain music books, accessories, and certain instruments during this period, and Crescendo Music can source the best products at the best prices, with the best customer service.

Please get in touch with us early, in December-January, for us to order and prepare goods and materials for your school. This includes music books, instruments, or even instrument services and repair.

Contact us if you have any further questions.



We partner with educators and schools to provide excellent products at excellent prices, with our Crescendo Music guarantee and a product warranty. Any issues or questions about your product? Get in touch with any of our team member and we will resolve your issues in a heartbeat.

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Crescendo Music not only specialise in offering a wide selection of musical instruments but also in providing exceptional repair and servicing for all types of musical instruments.

With a legacy spanning 47 years, our establishment has become a trusted destination for musicians and enthusiasts alike. Our team comprises experienced technicians and skilled luthiers who possess a deep understanding of various instruments and their intricate workings.

From guitars and ukuleles to brass woodwind instruments, violins, and beyond, we have the expertise to handle repairs and servicing with the utmost care and precision.

Trust us to breathe new life into your treasured instrument, ensuring it performs at its peak potential. We warranty our services and repairs, because we have full confidence in our skills and expertise. 

With instruments you purchase from our store, we go as far as picking up the instruments from your school, servicing or repairing them, and dropping them off at your school. We believe all instruments deserve to be meticulously cared for, by our professional hands.

Experience the excellence of our repair and servicing, and let us be your partner in preserving the beauty of your musical journey.