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ORION OVC80 Cello Outfit


The ORION OVC80 is the step-up model in the ORION brand. An affordable SOLID top instrument that will allow all beginning and progressing students the opportunity to perform on an instrument which offers rich tone quality with great playability.

Each ORION instrument is individually assembled, set up, and inspected by our experienced luthiers before the instrument leaves Crescendo Music.


Crescendo’s professional String Instrument Setup includes:

  • shaping the fingerboard and nut to professional curvature
  • carving and fitting the bridge to the instrument
  • upgrading strings with quality studio steel strings 
  • tuning the instrument
  • fitting and adjusting the soundpost


Future trade-in

All ORION violins, violas, and cellos can be traded in for a different size/model. Trade-in credit value up to 50%, subject to condition.



  • Hand-crafted from select aged tonewood
    • Solid spruce top
    • Solid maple neck
    • Solid back and sides
  • Ebony pegs
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Aged maple bridge
  • Outfit includes a student brazil wood bow and padded bag
  • Size : 4/4 size