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Crescendo Ukulele Course

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Crescendo Ukulele Course is a series of progressive lessons, where ukulele players of all levels can access formal ukulele lessons with an experienced teacher on a weekly basis. Our course is conducted in a relaxed, casual, fun and supportive environment at Crescendo Music’s studios in Myaree, Western Australia.

The Crescendo Ukulele Course covers essential playing techniques such as correct posture, chord changes, strumming patterns and left hand technique that will make your ukulele playing even more engaging and expressive than it may already be. Topics are taught through a series of well-known tunes and songs.

Our students can also request for separate courses on fundamentals of music theory, advanced ukulele mastery, as well as specialization in certain genres.

You will meet ukulele enthusiasts like yourselves, have lots of fun while learning new ukulele skills, and have performance opportunities at the end of each course. You can also book an entire session for the term with a group of friends!



Level 1: A Great Start
Are you brand new to playing Ukulele and need someone to show you the basics so you can start playing for pleasure and maybe even join a ukulele group?

Then come and join us for 10 weeks of structured lessons to get you on your way!

Our 10 x 1- hour lessons are designed for adults who are new to music or have never played the ukulele before.

We start from the very beginning so there are no gaps in your skills. We cover how the instrument works, how to hold it, play notes, strum, read chord charts, tablature and play songs!

These classes are kept small with no more than 5 students in each group. We find a lot of students come to us because they've attended some of the large community play alongs, but they can't keep up and don't know where to start. With our small groups, we ensure each student gets more attention and that things don't become overwhelming. Most students really just need a professional music teacher to break it down into simple, step-by-step instructions so they can quickly and easily get to playing the songs they enjoy.

Classes are conducted in a relaxed, casual, fun and supportive environment by expert teachers from Crescendo Music Academy.

Level 2: The Developing Beginner

These 1hr lessons are for people who know the basics on ukulele but need help working out how to play new songs, learning strumming patterns, holding tricky chord shapes, practicing riffs and reading music.

If you find large community ukulele groups overwhelming and you'd like to gain confidence and skills so you can enjoy playing with others, then these classes are for you.

This is not just a jam session. You will receive professional tuition from an expert teacher in a small group so you get to ask questions and receive personalized support.

Each week the class works on a new song with the aim to learn new strumming patterns, chord progressions, chords and techniques such as tremolo, fingerpicking, tonal variation etc.

These classes are for "Developing Beginners" - ukulele players with some playing experience looking to improve on skills and techniques.

Level 3: The Intermediate Uke Player

Up for a challenge? If you're confident playing ukulele, feel bored and stuck in a rut playing C, G, Am and F with simple strumming patterns, then this course is for you.

Most of our students have been playing for a few years and want to know all the tricks and techniques that go into making ukulele sound fantastic.

You'll learn:
  • interesting chord voicings up the neck
  • how to play riffs and melodies
  • dynamic / advanced techniques like slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, vibratos and bends
  • finger-picking
  • arpeggiated and broken chords
  • accented and staccato strums, chucking and palm muting
Each week the class learns a new song focusing on different techniques and chords and rhythmic patterns ... these classes will re-inspire you and get your mojo back! We like to play tunes in the original key where possible, breaking away from the common key of C, which makes playing along to the track possible, and opens up a whole new world of cool sounding chords and sophisticated music.

These classes are NOT suitable for beginners as we teach techniques and arrangements which require a solid understanding of the basics.

Please don't be intimidated if you're not an advanced musician. This is a learning course, where we teach you the skills... you're not expected to know it already!

We will work with you at your level. Most students who attend need help with strumming patterns, have only read a little bit of TAB, struggle with barre chords and are trying these new techniques for the first time.

If you can change open chords in time, know basic strumming patterns and are ready for a challenge, feel free to join us!


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