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🎵 Online exclusive & FREE shipping above $120 - learn more 🎵

ORION OVL60 Student Violin Outfit Pack

Original price $449.00
Current price $419.00


The best student violin in Western Australia, OVL60 is a well made violin at an affordable price which allows everyone to begin their violin learning journey on a decent instrument. 

The OVL60 violin offers a powerful playing tone while still sounding warm, this is largely due to the professional set-up done by our luthier where the soundpost is set in the right position. Most entry-level violins will sound 'steely', but not with the OVL60 as they are fitted with a set of synthetic core string (Pirastro Tonica) to reduce that effect.

The OVL60 has been properly set-up in Australia, which results in an ease of articulation for the player, proper string crossing, and string action for improved playability. All OVL60 violins come with a lifetime of free servicing if you live locally.

Available in the full 4/4 size, as well as part sizes 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10 and 1/16. 

Each OVL60 violin is individually assembled, set up, and inspected by our experienced luthiers before the instrument leaves Crescendo Music.

Crescendo’s professional String Instrument Setup includes:

  • shaping the fingerboard and nut to professional curvature
  • carving and fitting the bridge to the instrument
  • shaping and fitting pegs
  • upgrading strings with quality studio steel strings 
  • tuning the instrument
  • fitting and adjusting the soundpost


Future trade-in

All ORION violins, violas, and cellos can be traded in for a different size/model. Trade -in credit value up to 40%, subject to condition.


Pack includes:

  • OVL60 violin
  • Student Brazilwood bow
  • Padded carry case with strap
  • Foldable music stand with bag
  • Adjustable shoulder rest
  • 3-in-1 tuner (metronome feature and pitch generator)
  • Keychain
  • Quality Hidersine violin rosin
  • First Fret violin fingerboard tape



    • Carved solid tonewoods
    • Stradivari design
    • Blackened hardwood fingerboard
    • Hardwood pegs
    • Real inlaid purfling
    • Plastic tailpiece with fine adjusters
    • Pirastro Tonica (or close alternative)
    • Hardwood bow with ebony frog
    • Lightweight case
    • Sizes available: 1/16 - 4/4