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Orchestral Strings • Accessories

Buying a Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass for your school's music program : 

Public Schools SIMS / IMSS or Non-Government Schools or Universities

We have a wide range of orchestral strings available, at affordable prices and a series of specifications to suit the requirements of each music program in Western Australia. 
For example, a brand new student violin with proper luthier set-up can be found at Crescendo Music at an affordable price of $299.00! 
As an established classical music shop in Western Australia, our orchestral stringed instruments have been tested out and are approved by accredited string teachers from around Perth. The accessories and books at Crescendo Music have been strongly recommended to make the learning of a musical instrument more manageable.

We offer maintenance guidance and services on all string instruments purchased from Crescendo Music, whether the purchase was made 43 years ago or just yesterday!