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Percussion Instruments • Accessories

Buying a Percussion Instrument for your school's music program : 

Public Schools SIMS / IMSS or Non-Government Schools or Universities?

We have a wide selection of percussion instruments available in store, at affordable prices and a series of specifications to suit the requirements of each music program in Western Australia. 
Percussion instruments are a great way for all age groups to start exploring sound and rhythm. Always a fun addition to the music corner, they can be used at home, at schools, by teachers, singers, in music therapy, at playgroups.
As an established classical music shop in Western Australia, all brands and percussion instrument models available through us have been tested out and are approved by many music and classroom teachers from around Perth. Including Orff percussion instruments.

Percussion packs and customised packages can also be requested, for instance, a popular combination of Glockenspielsmallets, drumsticks, drumstick bags and of course, the percussion books!