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Batista VL405 Violin Outfit


Special Order Only - Please inquire about availability prior to ordering

Listen to the quality of the Batista VL405 violin being played and compare to similar violins. This meticulously hand-carved violin has a premium spruce top.

Stradivari style, beautifully finished with 19th century style varnish which recreates a 100 year old violin. Intermediate players will love the response.

Made in a specialist hand workshop, only the most skilled workers are assigned these violins. The master maker will have been trained under European luthiers, and the violins are produced under his close supervision. This makes for unique and fine violins. 

Meticulously hand-carved
  • Premium spruce top
  • Highly flamed maple back, ribs, and scroll
  • Hand-carved boxwood fittings
  • Beautiful hand-applied multi-layer spirit varnish