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Beethoven Piano Sonatas Volume 1 Urtext Henle Edition


For decades, the two-volume Henle Urtext edition of Beethoven’s piano sonatas has maintained its status across the globe as the standard edition of reference among pianists. After its publication at the beginning of the 1950s, edited by the Munich musicologist Bertha Antonia Wallner – with the support of the Beethoven Archive in Bonn – this outstanding editorial achievement was quickly recognised by the world of pianists as a new benchmark. Its decades-long, rigorous field testing led to improvements and refinements such that this Henle Urtext edition of Beethoven’s piano sonatas is universally regarded today as the reference source.

The printed fingerings provided by the pianist and important musical pedagogue Conrad Hansen are regarded as meaningful suggestions for solving technical and musical problems: “as few fingerings as possible, albeit instructive ones” (Hansen).


Piano Sonata f minor op. 2,1
Piano Sonata A major op. 2,2
Piano Sonata C major op. 2,3
Piano Sonata E flat major op. 7
Piano Sonata c minor op. 10,1
Piano Sonata F major op. 10,2
Piano Sonata D major op. 10,3
Piano Sonata (Grande Sonata Pathétique) c minor op. 13
Piano Sonata E major op. 14,1
Piano Sonata G major op. 14,2
Piano Sonata B flat major op. 22
Piano Sonata (Funeral March) A flat major op. 26
Piano Sonata E flat major op. 27,1
Piano Sonata (Moonlight Sonata) c sharp minor op. 27,2
Piano Sonata (Pastorale) D major op. 28