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🎵 Online exclusive & FREE shipping above $120 - learn more 🎵

DXP Junior Series Drum Kit 5 Piece Set


For children not quite ready for a full-size kit but wanting to get to grips with drumming, this is a traditional 5 piece set which is scaled down in size.

The construction is based on the same high specifications as adult drums, so the drums can be tuned properly, giving great tone and resonance. 


  • 16"x11" bass drum (4 double lugs)
  • 12"x10" floor tom (4 double lugs)
  • 10"x6" tom tom (4 double lugs)
  • 8"x6" tom tom (4 double lugs)
  • 10"x5" coloured shell snare drum (4 double lugs)
  • tom tom holder
  • cymbal holder
  • 10" cymbal on holder
  • 8" hi-hat cymbals on stand 
  • snare stand
  • bass pedal 
  • a of pair drum sticks
  • drum throne

Available in Black, Pink, Purple, Metallic Blue and Wine Red.