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Flight Concert Ukulele DUC380 (4 colours)

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  The colour of mystery and an unexplored world! Where tunes and sounds like newfound species make their way out of the coral of imagination. This instrument will inspire as much as it will enthuse you and all those who hear it.

The concert size brings the best of both worlds into one instrument. The mahogany makes this uke sing like a soprano, but the scale length and cutaway means you will have the same scope of fret exploration as a tenor uke. Add into the mix a pickup and you have a ukulele that you can play on your own or to a crowd.

    Rich colour on mahogany

    Mahogany Wood

    The Flight DUC380 CEQ Coral Concert Ukulele is made from laminate mahogany.  Mahogany is a hardwood which has been used to make quality musical instruments for centuries. It is known for its solid and punchy tone, with low overtone quality and good high-end response. It is highly resilient, and with that excellent resistance it is very stable and less likely to warp than many other species of wood.

    Let's play.

    Okoume Neck & Walnut Fingerboard

    The neck and fingerboard are made from African okoume and walnut wood. It’s a great combination that guarantees a stable intonation across the fretboard. It’s gentle to your hands, and looks great as well.

    Aim and Reach High.

    Stylish Cutaway

    At Flight, we want you to reach your full potential as a musician. You won’t always need the cutaway, but it’s there for you when your exploration takes you further than you ever thought possible.

    Equipped with preamplifier.

    Flight FU-T3 pickup. *optional

    The preamplifier/EQ is a device that lets you connect a ukulele to an amplifier. The preamp features a tuner, saving you the headache of remembering where you left your tuner the night before! Most importantly though, this small device will allow you the freedom to plug-in wherever and whenever you like!

    Fasten Your Seatbelt

    Strap Button

    Of course, it is good to learn how to play the ukulele without using a strap, but why not use a strap and you can have it both ways? A strap makes holding the ukulele easier so you can keep playing for hours. It also allows you to be ‘hands free’ between songs. We at Flight care about the comfort of our Flighters, which is why we started adding strap buttons to all Flight ukes!

    Pitch perfect quality.

    Bone Nut & Walnut Bridge

    The nut may seem to be a small component, but it plays a critical role in the overall sound of an instrument.  The nut and saddle of this ukulele are made from bone (not from plastic), which results in better tone quality.

    It all starts with the head.

    Good-looking and easy to tune.

    Headstock design is an integral part of our identity. All Flight ukuleles feature a carefully-designed headstock fitted with geared tuners that will always stay in tune.


    Light and Stylish Gig Bag

    Excellent Protection for Your Uke

    Light and stylish, yet offering excellent protection for your ukulele, Flight gig bags have already become legendary! With one hanging off your shoulder, you will definitely make heads turn.


    • Body Shape: Concert (17 frets)
    • Top: Laminate Mahogany
    • Back & Side: Laminate Mahogany
    • Bridge: Walnut
    • Neck: African Okoume
    • Fretboard: Walnut
    • Nut & Saddle: Bone
    • Nut Width: 35mm
    • Strings: Aquila Nylgut
    • Electronics: Flight FU-T3 active pickup with Equalizer and Built-in Tuner
    • Position Markers: 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 14th frets.
    • Premium Features: Active pickup with EQ and Tuner, Cutaway, Arched back, Die-Cast Geared Tuners, Laser Engraved Rosette, Aquila Super Nylgut Strings, Side Dots. 

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