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LAVA ME PRO Guitar Black Gold Pickup w/ Case






L2 Pro preamp system

The most powerful preamp system we’ve ever built.

A meaningful collaboration

To develop the powerful L2 Pro preamp system, we developed a deep understanding of the values of innovation held by renowned amplification specialist, L.R. Baggs. Utilising some of their iconic signature features, combined with our shared desire to deliver the best tone possible, the L2 Pro preamp system was born.



Built-in preamp

The built in L2 Pro preamp system, brings signature L.R. Baggs features to the LAVA ME PRO that have been used in countless gigs and concerts to date. With additional effects then built in and a user friendly, approachable interface, you now have the option to go on tour and leave your pedal board behind.


TapTempo Delay

Adjusting the delay tempo has never been easier, with one of the unique features of the LAVA ME PRO. You can now precisely control the speed of the delay, at the touch of a button.


Turbo Mode

Are you ready for your solo? The built in Turbo function of the LAVA ME PRO, instantly boosts your volume by up to 50% giving you an extra lift when you need it most.

Up to 50% Volume Boost



Utilising L.R. Baggs signature MixControl feature, you can easily adjust your sound between the built in body mic and piezo to achieve a more natural and customizable tone.


Effects without even plugging in

  • FreeBoost™ Feature
    • No amp. No cables. You can now play with effects including Delay, Reverb and Chorus, at the touch of a button.


AirCarbon Soundboard

lava music

Inspired by engineering principles used in the aviation industry, the extremely light but stiff honeycomb structure used in aircraft to reduce weight while retaining strength, gives us the perfect material for enhanced acoustic performance. Combining layers of carbon fibre with our “Phantom Structure” honeycomb soundboard, gives a new dimension to your tone, producing a loud but organic sound with every chord or pluck.

  • AirCarbon - 25%  Lighter Than standard carbon fiber with the same thickness.
  • 2 X Stiffer Than the soundboard of LAVA ME 2
  • < 1 mm Thickness




Threshold up to 95 °C 

The AirSoniccarbon fiber composite maximum temperature threshold


Threshold up to -25 °C

The AirSoniccarbon fiber composite minimum temperature threshold

The AirSonic carbon fiber composite body allows the LAVA ME PRO to remain unaffected by changing weather conditions such as temperature and humidity. Whether you're in a desert or polar region, the PRO will always work for you.-25°C ~ 95°C Optimum performance temperature range


lava music

An ultra stiff carbon fibre rod with aluminium neck connection structure built in, combined with the revolutionary Plek fret machining process which achieves 0.01mm accuracy, ensure the FlyNeck+ always provides the most enjoyable playing experience possible.

  • Up to 0.01 mm Machining accuracy with the Plek fret work process
  • Built-in Carbon Fiber Rod
  • Built-in Aluminium structure

Ideal Bag Pro

lava bags1

Super strong and lightweight for travelling and touring. The shape of the Ideal Bag PRO was designed to fit the body of the guitar perfectly, while the built in “AirBuff” material protects it from environmental stresses.

A brand new structural material, “AirBuff” is soft and elastic under normal conditions, then if struck or banged on an outside surface, the inner micron molecules instantly lock together to absorb the impact and protect the LAVA ME PRO.

The Ideal Bag PRO comes with a concealed pocket on the rear side, giving you the space to bring any tools, accessories or cables needed for your performance.

Tech Specs  

  • Model: Black Gold / Space Grey
  • Size: 41-Inch unibody guitar
  • Electronic Systems: L2 PRO
  • Soundboard material: AirCarbon
  • Body material: AirSonic™ Carbon fiber Composite
  • Strings: Elixir Nanoweb 012
  • Hardware: Screwless machine head designed by LAVA MUSIC

Ideal Strap Pro

lava pro styles

This delicate strap is designed to be reliable and easy to use. The metal strap locker is surrounded by high-performance polyurethane synthetic leather for protection, which reduces the risk of scratching the guitar’s surface when worn, or taking on and off. *sold separately


What’s in the Box ?

Including following items

  • Lava Pro Guitar
  • Ideal Bag PRO 
  • LAVA Charging Cable
  • Microfibre cloth
  • LAVA Guitar Pick

    Orders typically take 1-3 business days to process and ship. When items are out of stock, they will be dispatched no more than 10 days after ordering. For urgent orders please contact us first to confirm stock availability.