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LAVA U Ukulele Sparkle Purple Freeboost Pickup w/ Case



Lava U

Every detail carefully crafted and custom designed. The advanced bionic structure made from carbon fibre composite, whilst the built in FreeBoost™ pickup allows you to play effects without plugging in.


BreatheNet Bionic™

Brightens up your tone like never before

We didn’t just design a new structure, we also invented a new way in which the materials used can intuitively grow. Using mechanical simulations and algorithms, we created a 142 piece bionic structure that produces a brighter tone in a far more organic way.

Simple & Portable

LAVA UEnjoy superior sound and build quality anywhere you go, get inspired by adventures or vacations.

Anywhere could be your stage



With our patent pending carbon fibre composite AirSonic body material, you can now take your LAVA U anywhere. Capable of adapting to temperature of -20℃ to 60℃ , and humidity of 10% -90% , from the desert to polar regions, it won’t let you down.

Enjoyable playing experience


Enjoyable playing experience img

LAVA MUSIC have refined the manufacturing process of both the neck and fretboard of the LAVA U. Every fretboard is CNC machined with a curve for comfort while playing, with an ultra stiff carbon fibre rod inside the neck to improve stability and sound.

Colourful effects and sound via our smallest ever preamp system

The L2 mini preamp designed by LAVA MUSIC and Double Acoustics, enables you to play with superior sound quality and built in effects like Reverb, Delay and Chorus, with or without plugging in.


fun to play



Change your sound with one finger. No cables, No amps.

FreeBoost™ technology uses the back of the LAVA U as a speaker. Turn it on with just one finger, to enrich your tone with built-in Delay, Reverb and Chorus, all without even plugging in.

Space Case

Specifically designed for the LAVA U.

L2-MiniCombining elegance, simplicity and space aged inspiration, there has been no compromise on the design, materials or craftsmanship which has created the luxurious mould of the Space Case.


  • 23 inch concert scale ukulele
  • Body: AirSonic™ carbon fiber Composite
  • Weight: ~ 1.7kg
  • Pickup: Freeboost Piezo & Mic
  • Controls: Volume, Effect, Reverb, Chorus/Delay, Mic
  • 18 Fret
  • Nut width: 38.9mm

What’s in the Box ?

Including following items

  • Lava U ukulele
  • Space case
  • Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Chord Chart Poster 27cmx21cm
  • Ultimate Ukulele Starter Pack