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Mahalo Soprano Ukulele R Series Classroom Pack 24

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Classroom pack of 24 Colourful Mahalo ukuleles. It is the best brand for children and beginners of any age. They make a great sound, are good quality and the geared machine heads make them easy to tune. These coloured ukuleles come with a carry bag and are fitted with Aquila strings.

Classroom pack of 15 Mahalo R Series Soprano Ukuleles. The Mahalo ukulele is perfect as a first instrument, or for the seasoned musician who has one of everything.

Mahalo have established themselves in the ukulele market as making consistent instruments. We have been selling these ukuleles to schools for over 10 years and they are fantastic for the budding player.

The coloured ukuleles come with black carry bag, and are available in the following colours: Red, Orange, Pink, Light Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, White and Black.

The ukulele is fitted with Aquila strings for improved tone and feel.

The single octave fretboard means you only have to learn a few chords and you're away. Guaranteed to bring a smile to any face!

The geared machine heads on these ukuleles make them easy to tune. The standard ukulele tuning is G-C-E-A.