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ORION B♭ Trombone OTB1200 Student

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Introducing the Orion Brass Winds' latest addition to the trombone lineup, the OTP1200. Tailored for aspiring musicians and students, this entry-level model is designed to make your journey into trombone playing seamless and enjoyable.

Key Features:

  1. Student-Friendly Design:

    • The OTP1200 is crafted as a student model, ensuring an easy and comfortable start for beginners. Its thoughtful design facilitates quick learning and encourages the development of fundamental skills.
  2. Small Bore Size:

    • The small bore size of 12.9mm (.5 inch) offers several advantages. It provides ease of playability, making it ideal for students and beginners. The smaller bore requires less air, allowing players to produce clear and defined tones with less effort.
  3. Optimal Bell Size:

    • Featuring a bell size of 205mm (.8'), the OTP1200 produces a warm and resonant tone. The larger bell contributes to enhanced projection and a fuller sound, making it well-suited for various musical settings.
  4. Easy-to-Play Mouthpiece:

    • The trombone includes a 12C mouthpiece, carefully selected to complement the instrument's characteristics. This thoughtful addition enhances the player's experience and encourages a smooth transition into trombone playing.

    Crescendo Music proudly offers the expertise of a professional brass winds technician for any trombone services and repairs. Trust in our dedicated support to keep your instrument in optimal condition.


    • Yellow Brass Body
    • Bell Size: 205mm (or inches)
    • Bore Size: 12.9mm (or inches)
    • Brass Outer Slides
    • Clear Lacquer Finish
    • Included: 12C Mouthpiece, Cleaning Cloth
    • Premium Carry Case Included
    • 5 Years Warranty

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