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QEP Music Pure Crystal Singing Bowl



Chakra bowls, or singing bowls are tuned instruments to the natural pitches around us. The QEP singing bowls are made with 99.993% pure quartz crystal sand and compressed and heated to extreme pressures to produce these beautiful and clear sounding bowls. 

  • Great use for relaxation and self-healing.
  • Vibrations produced from these bowls resonate with our bodies chakra, and giving pleasure to our mind and body.
  • Each bowl is tuned to 440Hz, in musical terms they are crafted to the diatonic C major which our human ears are used to listening to.
  • Each bowl plays a different note that corresponds to the chakra system (our vital organs). Freeing the chakra system helps improve body flow
  • Hand finished and polished to precise thickness


  • Crown Chakra 8" bowl, B note
  • Third Eye Chakra  9" bowl, A note
  • Throat Chakra – 10" bowl, G note
  • Heart Chakra – 11" bowl, F note
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – 12" bowl, E note
  • Sacral Chakra – 13" bowl, D note
  • Root Chakra – 14" bowl, C note

Crown Chakra / B Note – The meeting point between the physical body and the universe and soul, the Crown Chakra is all about spiritual connection and transformation; a gateway to the divine. The Crown Chakra elevates gratitude for life and is the center of enlightenment and awareness. A balanced Crown Chakra enhances feelings of serenity, joy and deep peace, it inspires and provides a sense of your own divinity and the awareness that you are an infinite soul having a human experience.

Third Eye Chakra / A Note - The visionary and spiritual connection center, clearing this chakra will allow you to become more intuitive, connected to your spirituality and perceive from a higher perspective. A clear third eye will provide clarity, deep contemplation and self reflection.

Throat Chakra / G Note - encourages you to honor and speak your truth, assists with communication and self expression, healing this energy center allows your authentic voice and light to shine.

Heart Chakra / F Note – Our center of compassion, empathy, love and forgiveness. The heart chakra is special because it is the exact halfway point of the chakra system and the unifier of the physical and spiritual chakras by connecting the lower three chakras with the upper three chakras. The heart chakra acts as the bridge between the earth and spirit. A healed Heart Chakra will enable deeper connection with self and others.

Solar Plexus / E Note – Our center of personal power. The Solar Plexus governs personality, ego and identity, as well as personal freedom, choice and authenticity. A clear Solar Plexus will allow your life purpose to unfold and help to reduce uncertainty and procrastination.

Sacral Chakra / D Note – Our emotional and pleasure center, the home of creativity, sensuality and emotion. Clearing this center will allow creativity and sensuality to flow freely and you will unlock deeper layers of emotion and the pleasures in life.

Root Chakra / C Note – Our grounding Chakra, this is the area of the etheric body where our ambitions, interest in life and sex drive originates. Responsible for our survival instincts, a cleared Root Chakra will allow you to feel confident and decisive in your conviction and ease feelings of anxiety and depression.


  • Crystal singing bowl 
  • Padded resting ring 
  • Goatskin mallet 
  • Padded bag (optional with purchase)

Orders typically take 1-3 business days to process and ship. When items are out of stock, they will be dispatched no more than 10 days after ordering. For urgent orders please contact us first to confirm stock availability.