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- FREE shipping WA above $120. $10 inter-state delivery - Learn more -

QEP Music Pure Crystal Singing Bowl Set of 7



Chakra bowls, or singing bowls are tuned instruments to the natural pitches around us. The QEP singing bowls are made with 99.993% pure quartz crystal sand and compressed and heated to extreme pressures to produce these beautiful and clear sounding bowls. 

  • Great use for relaxation and self-healing.
  • Vibrations produced from these bowls resonate with our bodies chakra, and giving pleasure to our mind and body.
  • Each bowl is tuned to 440Hz, in musical terms they are crafted to the diatonic C major which our human ears are used to listening to.
  • Each bowl plays a different note that corresponds to the chakra system (our vital organs). Freeing the chakra system helps improve body flow
  • Hand finished and polished to precise thickness


  • Crown Chakra 8" bowl, B note
  • Third Eye Chakra  9" bowl, A note
  • Throat Chakra – 10" bowl, G note
  • Heart Chakra – 11" bowl, F note
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – 12" bowl, E note
  • Sacral Chakra – 13" bowl, D note
  • Root Chakra – 14" bowl, C note


  • Set of 7 crystal singing bowl 
  • 7 padded bags with strap
  • 7 padded resting ring 
  • Goatskin mallet 

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