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Attendance Policy - Academy Terms & Conditions

This information describes the conditions under which you will attend the Crescendo Academy of Music, including what happens when a lesson is missed or cancelled, or if you wish to cancel your enrollment. If you do not agree to any of the conditions, please inform us in writing at least seven (7) days before your first lesson. By attending a lesson, you signify your consent to these terms and conditions.

A printed copy of these conditions is also available at the academy.

Enrolment and Fee Payment

The lesson fee can be paid with the following payment methods:
i) At Crescendo Music :
Cash Payment • Debit Card • Credit Card
ii) Online bank transfer to Crescendo Music (Australia) Pty Ltd :
Bank Westpac • BSB : 036 069 • A/C NO 617388

Enrollment Confirmation: To secure a spot for the upcoming term, all students must confirm their enrollment and pay the required fees by the specified deadline. Enrollment will only be considered complete once the payment is received. Students who have not made the full payment by the specified deadline will risk losing their reserved spot in the academy. To secure their place, students must complete the payment process and acknowledge their commitment to attend lessons for the entire duration of the term. Once the enrollment is complete and the payment is made, the student is bound to fulfill the term's schedule, and no refunds or credits will be issued for lessons missed or canceled during the term (refer to attendance policy).

1. Lessons are charged as follows:

• Option 1: Full-term rate (10 weeks) - Payment must be made in full before the term begins, or during the final week of the current term. 
• Option 2: Half-term rate (5 weeks) - Payment for weeks 1-5 must be made before the term begins, or during the final week of the current term. Payment for weeks 6-10 must be made before the lesson in week 5.
Note: An administration fee of $20.00 applies to each half-term payment and must be paid in full before the term commences.

2. Music instruments and accessories, music books, theory books and other lesson materials, competitions, concert tickets / registration, examination registration fees are not included in tuition and will be invoiced separately. You will receive invoice for books or any of the above mentioned musical activities. This invoice needs to be paid within seven days after receiving the invoice. 

3. Enrolment priority will be given to existing students however, if you do not re-enrol within the enrolment period, we cannot guarantee your current lesson time slot. You will receive each new term's invoice during the re-enrolment period (2 - 4 weeks before the commencement of the new term).

At this time you should let us know (in writing) if you intend to re-enrol or not so that we can make the place available to the next waiting student. Please ensure that a written cancellation is given to the academy a full four weeks prior to the start of the term. This allows sufficient time to allocate the spot to another student and avoids disruption to the teaching schedule.

4. Mid-term enrolments are billed on a pro rata basis and will need an immediate payment to reserve the agreed lesson time.

5. Tuition fee (whether paid with the options of full or half term rate) and the teacher’s schedule reservations are for the entire term, no refund is given should a student decides to withdraw before the term ends. 

6. Music lessons during the term holidays may be requested, though depending on the teacher’s availability. Fees remain at the same rate as the normal term lessons and are payable at the start of each session.

Attendance Policy

1. Please attend lessons regularly, according to the allocated lesson time.

2. Crescendo Academy of Music is consistently expanding because we have a dedicated team of music teachers. To respect the teaching schedule of our panel of teachers, replacement lessons are not guaranteed if a student misses a lesson. The teacher's time, the student's time during the lesson, and the non-student time outside the academy spent preparing for each lesson are all valuable to the teacher.

3. Rescheduling of lessons can only be managed directly by the student / parent through our dedicated lesson booking portal, My Music Staff. It is not our music coordinator's responsibility to manage your lesson schedule throughout the term.
  • If you need to cancel a scheduled lesson due to illness, we kindly request that you notify our music coordinator via email at least 8 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. Additionally, please ensure to provide a medical certificate within 36 hours from the date of absence. Absences because of illness without a doctor’s certificate will be forfeited.
  • If you need to reschedule a lesson for reasons other than illness, please ensure to provide a minimum of one week's notice for the system to approve a valid make-up credit for you.
  • There will be no more than two (2) reschedules per term, further lessons missed by the student will be forfeited and still charged for.
  • Replacement lesson(s) missed will not be further replaced.
  • Unused make-up credit(s) expire at the end of each term and cannot be claimed or credited from the next invoice.

4. We do not offer refunds if you change your mind, go on holiday, return to work, or are unable to attend your sessions. When you make a term booking, we reserve your place for the entire term. We must honour our instrumental music teachers' time committed to our music academy during the term. If a student requests an additional lesson outside of their regular teaching schedule, the teacher will have to give up their time and will not be compensated for it.

5. Every enrollment is billed in blocks of ten lessons. If your lesson happens to fall on a public holiday, it will be extended by the number of public holidays so that you do not miss any lessons. Lessons that fall on a public holiday be marked with make-up credit eligibility. This means you have the opportunity to reschedule and utilise these credits within the current term. By adhering to a consistent 10-week teaching term, our teachers can have a more stable income and effectively plan their budgets.

6. If you are late to your lesson the time cannot be redeemed as the teacher is unable to make-up that time for you, so the lesson will need to finish on time.

7. If your teacher is absent, we will endeavour to have a relief teacher to cover your lesson for that period otherwise will schedule a make up lesson with your own instrumental music tutor within the same teaching term.

8. If a student decides to withdraw from the lessons altogether, a two-week notice before the end of the current term via email is required.

This policy is to help us run the music academy properly with consideration for all our students and teachers. We aim to ensure a streamlined and consistent learning experience for all our students while maintaining fairness in the allocation of lesson slots, and most importantly, to respect our music teachers' time dedicated to the lesson slots students have enrolled in for the term. Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.