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20" Hand Pan Drum D Minor Black (excl. stand)


Perfect for Sound Therapy

D Minor 9 notes hand pan (D3, A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, A). Made of 100% Virgin Steel Alloy, 20 inches diameter and 6.7 inches high.

As very newly-developed musical instruments, steel tongue drums do not require complicated musical theory or any rudiments of music. You can play tongue drums by much improvising, and could make different performance each time, even on the very same song. They can be played by drumstick (soft mallets) or by bare hands, beating, patting, or finger patting, with no fixed musical background. Can be played by anyone of any age, easily portable and perfect for Yoga, Zen, Sound Healing, Personal Meditation, and Stimulates Imagination and Creativity.

Stand also available for order separately: CBBD-001



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