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Alhambra 10P Solid Red Cedar Top Classical Guitar


It features a bridge-shaped cross bracing pattern to give the top maximum volume and projection.
But richness is not the only thing:

  • The action is also just perfect: high enough to make the guitar sing but extremely comfortable.
  • The sound projection is amazing.
  • Basses, mediums and trebles so well balanced.  You have a full control of the voices and can emphasize whatever voice you want without any struggle.

Therefore you become the conductor and have a complete orchestra under your fingers.  It is hard to imagine all the possibilities this instrument offers and the limits are just imagination.

The bindings on model 10 P have a beautiful double green line. 


  • TOP: Solid Red Cedar
  • SIDES & BACK: Solid Indian Rosewood
  • NECK: Spanish Cedar Reinforced with Ebony
  • MACHINE HEADS: Luxury Gold Plated