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Casio Plug and Play Pack for iPod, Keyboards and Computers

Original price $19.95
Current price $9.95

Save $10 online! Casio Plug and Play pack allows you to connect your keyboard to an iPad, iPod and MP3 player

USB cable connects your Casio keyboard to your computer. The Stereo Jack Cable connects your iPod /MP3 player to your keyboard. Hear your music through the keyboard speakers or take a sample. The Anti-slip mat keeps your iPod in place when it is sitting on top of your keyboard. Suitable for Casio keyboards with an audio-in terminal released in 2008 and after.

Contains 1 x USB A-B cable (1.8 metres) and 1 x 3.5mm stereo jack cable (1 metre in length) and 1 x Anti Slip Mat.