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Complete Learn to Play Saxophone Book/CDs


Complete Learn to Play Saxophone Manual is the ultimate Saxophone manual. It assumes you have no prior knowledge of music or playing the saxophone, and will take you from beginner to professional level. In the course of the book you will learn all the essential sounds techniques used by the great Jazz saxophonists, along with improvisation, how to read music and music theory as it relates to the saxophone. You will also learn many well known pieces and songs and get a great introduction to many styles of music.

The book is divided into sections, the first covering basic techniques and music reading. The second section covers more advanced rhythms, playing in all keys, Blues playing and a variety of new styles, techniques and articulations. The later sections deal with more advanced playing, analysis of chords, scales and modes and an in-depth study of improvisation. By the end of the book you will be ready to play in a band and be able to write music and improvise fluently.

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