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DXP Fusion 20 Series Drum Kit TXP62WR


DXP 'Fusion 20' Series, 5 piece drum kit.

DXP - 'Fusion 20' Series. 5 piece drum kit. Comprises 6 ply 7.5mm shell 20 inch x 14 inch bass drum (16 lugs); 14 inch x 14 inch free standing floor tom (12 lugs); 12 inch x 10 inch and 10 inch x 8 inch toms (12 lugs); 14 inch x 5 inch wood shell snare drum (12 lugs). Medium weight double brace hardware includes snare, hi hat and cymbal stands; bass drum pedal and heavy duty retractable bass drum spurs; heavy duty tom holders and mounts. Memory locks. Wine red.

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