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First Lessons Accordion BK/OA

SKU MB99927M

This book is designed for the person who may know nothing about music and has had no previous accordion training. Included with the book to facilitate the learning process is an instructional recording by the author! 

This book guides the beginner student from basic accordion familiarization and music theory to quickly achieving results by playing songs such as Scarborough Fair and Ode to Joy. The minimum size instrument for this breakthrough teaching book is an 80 bass piano accordion. Includes access to online audio.


  • Foreword
  • Lesson 1: Introduction and Terminology
  • Lesson 2: Basic Theory
  • Lesson 3: Before We Begin Playing
  • Lesson 4: Playing the Right Hand and Right Hand Position
  • Lesson 5: The Treble Keyboard
  • Lesson 6: Playing the Left Hand
  • Lesson 7: Left Hand Continued
  • Lesson 8: Both Hands Together
  • Lesson 9: 3 Chord Song
  • Lesson 10: More Treble Notes
  • Lesson 11: Bass Solo Warm Ups
  • Lesson 12: German Folk Song
  • Lesson 13: Under and Over
  • Lesson 14: Village Tavern Polka
  • Lesson 15: Alternating the Basses
  • Lesson 16: C Major Scale and The Can Can
  • Lesson 17: Left Hand Blues
  • Lesson 18: Goodnight Ladies
  • Lesson 19: Scarborough Fair
  • Lesson 20: Tiritomba
  • Lesson 21: Aloha Oe
  • Lesson 22: Eighth Notes
  • Lesson 23: Exercises
  • Lesson 24: Jingle Bells
  • Lesson 25: Dotted Quarter Notes
  • Lesson 26: Ode to Joy

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