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George Frideric Handel Canvas Portrait w Gold Frame


Looking for wall decorative paintings or antique-looking portraits? Check out our range of music composer portraits, each carefully framed and sealed to make the process of hanging these portraits on the wall much easier. Print perfect for classrooms and music studios, living rooms, study rooms, or anywhere in the house that needs a beautiful decor! 

Quality print portrait on Canvas, of German Baroque music composer George Frideric Handel.

Interesting fact 1 : Most well known for his oratorio, Messiah, during which the first performance of the music King George II stood up as soon as the choir sang the Hallelujah chorus, the reason for the tradition that brings people to their feet when the Hallelujah chorus is being sung.

Interesting fact 2 : Handel was born in the same year as Bach in 1685!

Item Details

  • 48cm x 38cm.
  • Includes a Gold frame and glass cover to prevent dust accumulation on the portraits.