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How to Blitz Theory Grade Books Samantha Coates


Blitz theory books make learning music theory fun. These step by step worksheets in Grades 1-5 are suitable for the AMEB theory syllabus. There are supplementary Blitz answer books for Grades 1-4.

Step-by-step theory worksheets which ensure maximum understanding and minimum errors.

The unique feature of the 'How to Blitz' series is the conversational and informal style of the worksheets. Students are put at ease and find working through the texts an enjoyable experience.

The multiple-choice section shows up mistakes in an amusing and appealing way. There is also a 'mock' Test Paper at the end of each book which is already completed, in which students must try to find all the mistakes. This teaches valuable proof-reading skills and provides a great way to help students understand how to check their work.