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Justin Guitar Beginner's Course BK/2CD

SKU AM1001440

This book contains a complete course for anyone wanting to learn how to play acoustic or electric Guitar. 

After 20 years of teaching Guitar, Justin has realized that the majority of beginner guitarists struggle with the same problems, and has worked out how to help them overcome the things they find difficult.

The course is divided into nine stages; each stage has enough new material to keep you busy , but not so much that you'll feel overwhelmed. Each stage has a practice routine and ear-training exercises that will help you quickly improve. The book comes with two specially-recorded CDs containing demonstrations of every chord, technique and exercise you'll need.

Along the way you'll learn:

· * How to choose a Guitar, amp and accessories

· * How to read chord boxes and tab

· * Tuning up

· * All the important open and power chords

· * Rhythm Guitar techniques

· * How to practice

· * Playing 12-bar blues

· * Fingerstyle patterns

· * The pentatonic scale and basic improvisations

... and much, much more.

And, of course, this book is complemented by the online videos on In addition to the nine course stages the book contains an exclusive bonus section to expand your chord knowledge and blues playing.