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Mach One Epauliere Violin 3/4 - 4/4 size Shoulder Rest

SKU M5-M07

The Mach One Epauliere Violin Shoulder Rest is a great option for violinists looking for an affordable, lightweight, form-fitting shoulder rest.

All Mach One shoulder rests have been ergonomically designed to mould perfectly to the player’s chest/shoulder, eliminating the need for thick padding. The Epauliere M07 is made from a high-tech double-injection mould. The main body of the rest is a resilient and strong hard plastic, while the contact surface is made of a soft, grooved, rubberised compound, similar to what you might find on your toothbrush, for an incredible grip.

Adding weight and/or foam to a shoulder rest can dampen the sound of your instrument, so the idea behind the lack of thick foam padding is also not to hinder the vibrations of the violin, allowing for a more open and resonant sound. The feet can also have a dampening effect; however, the Mach One feet have also been designed with sound in mind, having minimal contact with the instrument.

We have performed blindfold tests in-store that have shown that Mach One shoulder rests really do outperform the rest when it comes to sound performance, with some staff members saying that the wooden Mach One rests actually improved the sound of the instrument!

Mach One shoulder rests are made and designed by Peter Mach, a violin Luthier based in Canada. Peter’s goal was to “design a shoulder rest that is so comfortable that you don’t even know it’s there!” His Luthier background has helped to create not only a fully functional shoulder rest, but also a beautiful one to compliment the beauty of the violin.