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Magnetic Music Teaching Board with Music Notes


A great teaching aid for music. A framed whiteboard with piano keys along the top and 2 large staves with bass and treble clef. The coloured magnetic music notes can be moved around the board. A popular choice with parents to use at home with children to help with music lessons, as well as with music teachers.

The board measures 23cm (H) x 30cm (W) including the frame and there are approximately 25 music notes.

Magnet Contents

  • Semibreve Note
  • Minim Note
  • Crotchet Note
  • Quaver Note
  • Semiquaver Note
  • Demisemiquaver Note
  • Minim Rest
  • Crotchet Rest
  • Quaver Rest
  • Semiquaver Rest
  • Demisemiquaver Rest
  • Sharp Sign
  • Flat Sign
  • Natural Sign
  • Dots
  • Number 2 x 2
  • Number 3 x 1
  • Number 4 x 2