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Merry Go Round Flute by Bruce Gillam

SKU 2021-02

This book has been compiled and arranged for flute students of beginner to
intermediate level, and particularly for those students learning in group classes.

The playing of rounds is an effective way of introducing groups of students to
ensemble playing. By performing rounds students develop an early appreciation of
harmony and learn the importance of good intonation. Music reading skills are
strengthened through students having to play their own part against the other parts in
the round. The vocal quality of the music lends to musical phrasing and expression.

Rounds may be performed in two ways:
(i) All players continue until a pre-arranged signal indicates that the round is
to end. In this case all players finish together.
(ii) Each group of players repeats the round a given number of times and then
ceases. In this case the number of parts increases from one to a maximum
and decreases to one.

So that the listener may more appreciate the individual parts that make up the
harmony it is often a good idea to begin the performance by playing the round in