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Music Theory for Violinists by Mervin Yeow

SKU SP6132

A bonus for VIOLINISTS : A series of four theory books specifically created to suit violinists, straight to the point yet creative and fun!

Music Theory for Violinists Book 1: Alternate Path to Grade 1 Music Theory by Mervin Yeow

Music Theory for Violinists is a theory series aiming to teach the fundamentals of music theory from a violin-approach by introducing topics that are more related to the instrument in the first 3 books and other parts of the theory syllabus in the 4th book. Upon coompletion of the four-level music theory series, violin learners will have gained a strong foundation before moving to Grade 1 Music Theory.

Other features of book 1:
- Bass clef is not included to avoid confusion at this stage and this will be introduced later in book 4.
- Notes on treble are arranged in a way that teachers can choose to start teaching the notes by strings, or by fingers.
- Works best together with a practical violin book.