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QEP Music Piano Pedal Extender (Height Adjustable) - Rosewood

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A great tool for one great purpose: to make piano playing for young children comfortable. This piano pedal extender has a wide platform base that allows the student to rest his/her feet on comfortably. It also gives the young child the opportunity to experience the beautiful effects of a damper pedal as well as the other pedals, without having to stretch or try to reach the pedals with the toes. 

Piano Pedal Extender with Three Pedals

Is your young student learning to use the piano pedals already? One of the most important aspects in piano playing (as well as any other musical instruments) is the good posture. While the piano bench may be height adjustable, the student's foot should be able to reach the damper pedal (the most common piano pedal to start with) comfortably without excessive stretching or even standing.

The Piano Pedal Extender with three pedals encourages proper foot placement, posture, and correct techniques of placing the pedals down. The overall height of the platform is adjustable, by turning the large knobs on the sides. Each individual pedal on this Pedal Extender is also height adjustable to suit different students at different pianos.

High quality gloss finished to match your piano at home. Easily portable if needed at a performance.

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