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SKU KA-5300-00

The Crystal Kalimba is tuned to a C Pentatonic scale and specifically designed for Health and Wellness activities like in Health Rhythms protocols. Made from a clear Acrylic material that is lightweight and easy to clean touting an ergonomic oval shape design. Producing soothing low volume tones are easy to make when plucking the medium sized 7 note tines with your fingers. The Crystal Kalimba is equipped with a microfiber draw-string bag for safe storage.

The history of the kalimba has its roots in Africa for thousands of years. This instrument can be found in traditional and POP music of today. It can be made from variety materials with unique designs and configurations, played acoustically or with some designed to be played using amplification devices.


  • C Pentatonic, 7 - Notes 
  • Easy to Clean, Clear Acrylic
  • Ergonomic Oval Shape
  • Microfiber Draw-String Storage bag
  • Size: 5.25" X 3.625"