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Savarez Traditional Corum Classical Guitar String Set SAV500PR


The only strings particularly flexible offering outstanding nuances and colours of sounds, fast and precise response like a stiffer string rich overtones. Authorise infinity of nuances and colours and remain clear on very high positions.

The Trebles: Rectified Nylon Normal Tension (E1 - B2 - G3)
Savarez came up with a solution to a problem which nobody had solved before: how to give guitarists the means to play in tune and to choose the ideal tension for strings and guitar to give of their best. The rectification process created and then perfected by SAVAREZ has risen to this challenge.

Basses Strings: Corum Normal Tension (D4 - A5 - E6)
Flexible Strings, wound nylon core.
Savarez innovation never done before.
Outstanding nuances and colours of sounds, fast response like a stiffer string.

Item # Note Gauge (in.) Tension (lbs.) Material
521PR E/1st .0278 17.40 Rectified Nylon
522PR B/2nd .0323 13.20 Rectified Nylon
523PR G/3rd .0402 12.85 Rectified Nylon
504R D/4th .0287 16.90 silverplated copper wound
505R A/5th .0350 15.75 silverplated copper wound
506R E/6th .0421 14.32 silverplated copper wound



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