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Shadow The Legend Acoustic Soundhole Pickup


Soundhole single coil Pickup. Pickup can be rotated in the soundhole to allow fine tuning of harmonic response. Solid maple case, natural finish.

The Shadow SH 330 is a magnetic single coil acoustic sound hole pickup that produces a well-balanced sound for any steel string acoustic guitar. The pickup is shielded, then vacuum waxed and sealed in epoxy to reduce microphonics and give you the clearest tone with the least feedback or noise. You can plug the fixed 12 foot (4m) noiseless cable with 1/4” plug into any amp or audio interface. Housed in an elegant maple wood case, the SH 330 installs and detaches easily without having to drill any holes. It can even be rotated inside of the soundhole to alter the tonal response.

  • Passive Single Coil with attached cable (no batteries required)
  • Maple wood case with natural finish
  • Vacuum waxed and sealed in epoxy (for low noise operation)
  • Quick and easy installation

Orders typically take 1-3 business days to process and ship. When items are out of stock, they will be dispatched no more than 10 days after ordering. For urgent orders please contact us first to confirm stock availability.