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Suzuki Piano Method International Edition Book / CD

SKU 30030

The Suzuki Piano School method for beginner pianists to learn to play, with emphasis on aural training and pitch accuracy. 

This new International Edition of Suzuki Piano School series includes French, German and Spanish translations, while the CD contains recorded pieces performed by internationally renowned recording artist Seizo Azuma.

The Suzuki method relies on committed parental participation, starting early, and lots of repetition and listening. It is a classical method. Students watch, listen, and imitate - both teachers and other students. The method is about:

  • Immersion in music: attending concerts, listening to music daily
  • Ear training: learning by ear precedes note-reading and theory
  • Repertoire: students review and keep playing all music learned
  • Performance: students play regularly for each other, for parents, and in recitals so that performing is easy and fun