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WIESSMEYER Violin Leather Mute

SKU 50096

Ideal for historical and orchestral performance.

These mutes are made in Boston, USA by Paul Wiessmeyer; for violin, viola and cello.

There are two main reasons why you would choose to play with a leather mute, rather than another type of mute:

* Reduces volume of the sound, without sacrificing quality of sound
* Unique design to be used in two different ways, with two different muted effects

For a non-muted effect, place the mute (logo facing the tailpiece) on the strings below the bridge, staying vertical and parallel to the bridge. When you are ready to play with a muted effect, you can either slide the mute up so it is touching the bridge (half-muted, or mezzo piano effect) or place the mute directly on the bridge, with the strings in between the prongs (fully muted effect, pianissimo).


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