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ORION Junior Keys

ORION Junior Keys for Ages 2 to 4

Group lessons for babies and toddlers to begin their musical journey!

A research-based curriculum that shapes the course's weekly lesson plans, includes music and movement, notes and pitch recognition, rhythm games on percussion instruments and a true foundation of piano playing.

Children will benefit from learning in a small group size of no more than four students as the course aims to communicate an engaging and encouraging approach to teaching piano skills and music concepts to young children.

Topics covered throughout the course include:

♫ Music and Movement promotes the development of fine motor skills, listening, language and communication skills, as well as social and emotional skills

♫ Music Notes and Note Values to prepare young children with the essential music knowledge as they progress to the intermediate one-on-one piano course

♫ Rhythm Games to develop math skills as young children learn how to divide, create fractions and recognize patterns

♫ The Music Staff and Piano Keyboard for young children to be familiar with the basics required for a head start in piano lessons

♫ Music Theory in the form of art and craft activities to create, store and retrieve memories effectively in young children

♫ Musical Instruments of the Orchestra are introduced during mini field trips to Crescendo Music's showroom to further encourage young children with learning pitches and timbres




We also specialise in

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Other instruments may be available upon request. Enquire today!