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Violin Bow Orion Carbon Fibre Snakewood Mount

SKU CJQ-925A4/4


The Carbon Fiber weave bows bring the durability and strength of carbon fiber with the most elegant and refined features of any bow available. The stiffness of the stick gives the bow great power and clarity, and keeps the bow slim and light weight.

These bows were created to outperform any bows in the same price range.It is manufactured to replicate the weight, balance point and curve of the world's finest bows. Mounted with a set of beautiful snakewood frog and snakewood bind to a golden screw. Beautiful mother of pearl slide.

  • Carbon Fiber Weave/Braided Violin Bow
  • Weighs approximately 60-62 grams
  • Modern silk and silver windings
  • Leather grip
  • Quality Mongolian Horse Hair
  • Nicely Decorated Snakewood Mounted Ebony Frog
  • Great Balance and Weight Distribution
  • Nice Arch with Good Bounce and Action


      Please contact us for bow testing